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What we do

Energy Union Choices aims to gradually, over time, develop an analytical fact-base to get a better grip on the infrastructure implications deriving from decarbonisation and integration of energy systems. Extensive research has made it clear that the key drivers of economy-wide decarbonisation are around renewables, efficiency, fuel shift to electrification, system flexibility and market integration. However, the system integration that comes with a combination of these factors is less well understood and requires new up-to-date analytical capacity.



Who we are

Energy Union Choices aims to provide practical, independent and objective analysis on the next set of infrastructure choices to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy in line with energy security, environmental and economic goals of the European Union. Energy Union Choices is an initiative of the European Climate Foundation, in close partnership with E3G, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, Agora Energiewende, Regulatory Assistance Project, WWF, BPIE, as well as other partners in the network of ECF. Energy Union Choices gathers a diverse group of forward-thinking organisations united around a shared perspective on the challenges and solutions to accelerate the European energy transition.



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Audrey Guedet: audrey.gueudet@Europeanclimate.org

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